Hide and Seek Hide and Seek Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

feature, fiction
82mins, 2014

Director Joanna Coates Producer Daniel Metz, Wittering Productions With Josh O’Connor, Hannah Arterton, Rea Mole, Daniel Metz.
Winner: Michale Powell award for best British Feature, Edinburgh film festival 2014


In an English cottage, four young people from London move in together, seeking to challenge social conventions and their own tolerances by engaging in scheduled partner-swapping. The durability of their new living arrangements is tested by the arrival of an outsider who fails to get in tune with the foursome's radical spirit.


Debut feature by Joanna Coates, the film premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2014, where it won the Michael Powell award for best British feature. Upon awarding the film the head of the jury, filmmaker Amos Gitai, said "Goes to a feature we found very innovative in form and in which all those involved, from the director to the cinematographer and the actors, we believe to be very talented. The Jury recognise that the film was done with very limited funds and in a time when filmmakers are confronted with the challenge of making strong cinema with limited means, it is important for us to encourage new talent to keep creating innovative cinema."

The film is currently touring film festivals all around the world.

Wonder House Wonder House Wonder House

Wonder House

feature, documentary
70mins, 2012

Director Oonagh Kearney Producer David, Clarke, John Kelleher for Arts Council of Ireland, Fasnet Pictures With Sophie Scully, Niamh Shaw.
Special mention of the Jury, Open City Doc Fest 2013, Dublin Film Festival, Cork Film festival


An experimental documentary, Wonder House explores how childhood objects and environments develop young minds. By inviting scientists to share memories of what sparked their imaginations and adopting the metaphor of a young girl discovering an old house, Wonder House combines live choreography, stop-motion animation and real scientists' voices to offer a unique synthesis of science and art, fact and fiction, imagination and reality.


Commissioned by the Irish Arts Council and Filmbase as part of the Reel Art Scheme. Wonder House is Onnagh's first foray into documentary after directing many fictional short films and working as a casting director on many feature films, most notably Ken Loach's Palm d Or winner "The Wind that Shakes the Barley".

"We want to draw special mention to Wonder House, probably the most ambitious film in the shortlist. We very much appreciate the originality of ideas expressed and applaud the beauty of the piece"
Briony Hanson, Head of Film, The British Council.


Fulll Firearms Fulll Firearms Fulll Firearms

Fulll Firearms

feature, fiction
82mins, 2012

Director Emily Wardill Producer Kate Parker, Dan Kidner, FLAMIN, City Projects With Catherine Schaub-Abkarian, Ariyon Bakare, Edwars Akrout


Based on the legend of Sarah Winchester, 'Fulll Firearms' tells the story of Imelda, the daughter of an arms manufacturer, who is possessed by the idea that she will be haunted by the ghosts of those killed by her father's weapons. She uses her inheritance to build a house intended to accommodate the ghosts and lessen her guilt. Her fantasies are contrasted with the targeted approach of the architect who tries to implement her wishes architecturally, but whose grasp of reality becomes increasingly unsettled as the building is occupied by squatters who Imelda believes to be the ghosts she has been expecting and who take up a permanent place in her life.


Produced under the FLAMIN/Film London scheme to promote artist filmmakers forays into narrative films for the big screen, Fulll Firearms is directed by British artist Emily Wardill. Her films have been screened at Witte de With, Rotterdam; London Film Festival; New York Film Festival; Whitechapel Gallery and Tate Britain, London; among others.

Keeping Up with the Joneses Keeping Up with the Joneses Keeping Up with the Joneses

Keeping Up with the Joneses

short, fiction
28mins, 2013

Co-editor Immanuel Von Bennigsen Director Michael pearce, written by Selina Lim Producer Megan Rubens, BFI / Incendiary / Agile Films With Maxine Peake, Anamaria Marinca, Adeel Akhta, Geoff Bell.
BAFTA Nominee, BIFA Nominee, London Film Festival


MP's wife Celia discovers her husband's true colours when she is taken hostage by his criminal business associates.


Funded by the BFI/Lighthouse scheme, Keeping Up with the Joneses is a contemporary thriller with comic undertones. The film premiered at the LFF and then got a BAFTA and a BIFA nomination, and it’s my second collaboration with director Michael Pearce after 'Rite' (2010).


Heart of Nowhere Heart of Nowhere Heart of Nowhere

Heart of Nowhere

short, fiction
27mins, 2013

Director Charlie Fink Producer Olivier Kaempfer, Parkville Pictures With Toby Regbo, Anna Hogarth, Sophie Kennedy Clark, Bill Milner, Josh Bolt


Our land, our lives, our rules. Some time not far from now, it was decided that adolescents were detrimental to a well-functioning society. Upon turning thirteen, teenagers were quarantined onto an island within the city, colloquially known as Teenland. At the age of 18, the inhabitants of Teen-land are forced to join adulthood. The memories of their childhood are erased and they start a new life In this slightly dystopian scape, lives a band, The Nuclear Toads. After being rounded up to be processed for adulthood, they manage to escape and buy themselves one last night of adolescence in which they will perform their final show. This film is the story of that night.


The film was made to accompany Noah and The Whale’s album 'Heart of Nowhere' and it was directed by the band’s singer, Charlie Fink.


Tummult Tummult Tummult


short, fiction
13mins, 2012

Director Johnny Barrington Producer Rhianna Andrews, Creative Scotland, Young Films With Dolly Wells, Ingvar Eggert Sigurðsson, Raymond Mearns.
Nominee best short film BAFTA 2013, Sundance Film Festival, SXSW Festival, winner: Audience Award, Glasgow Film Festival


A tribe of Norse warriors traipse across a barren land after battle. Bloodied and wounded, their chief is near death. He is about to hand over power to his son when an army of a completely different kind descends upon them.


Johnny Barrington first short, 'Trout', screened at Sundance 2007 and was BAFTA Scotland nominated in 2006. He has been voted a Screen International 'Star of Tomorrow', and 'Tumult' was nominated for a Best Short Film UK BAFTA last year, while also screening at Sundance, London Short Film Festival and SXSW.

Rite Rite Rite


short, fiction
17mins, 2010

Director Michael Pearce Producer Ross McKenzie, Paul Welsh, Film London, Digicult With Bradley Hall, Martin Herdman.
BAFTA Nominee Best Short Film, BIFA Nominee Best Short Film


Mike picks up his teenage son on his birthday so they can spend a rare day together, but soon realizes that there is a lot they don't know about each other anymore. As a boy becomes a man, acceptance and compromise is needed to reconnect a father and a son.


Funded under Film London's digital scheme PULSE, Rite was nominated for a BAFTA award for best short film and went on to play at more than 40 film festivals worldwide.

Believe Believe Believe


short, fiction
20mins, 2009

Director Paul Wright Producer Rhianna Andrews, Scottish Screen, Young Films With Michael Smiley, Kate Dickie.
Golden Pardino – Leopards of Tomorrow Locarno International Film Festival, Grand Jury Prize Miami Film Festival


The story of one man's grief following the death of his wife. The film captures a desperate journey, played out against beautifully isolated highland landscapes.


'Believe' is the second short film by Paul Wright, whose debut feature For Those in Peril opened in Cannes' Critics Week in 2013. A moving, poetic story exploring the director's recurrent theme of grief and his sensitivity for the mystical and spiritual, 'Believe' premiered at Locarno Film festival in 2010, where it won the Pards of Tomorrow, the top award for short films. Paul won a BAFTA award the following year for his short 'Until the River Runs Red'.